The Effects of DroughtLander

Did I even know what that simple wee phrase “Droughtlander” would grow into the first time I used it in this meme all those years ago? That’s a hard no…droughtlander

I didn’t have a clue that everyone and their dog would be using it to describe the time between seasons of our favourite show Outlander.  I can thank Diana Gabaldon for posting that particular blog on her facebook page and sending it into Outlander history.  That link has since died because our group found our own identity as the ABOotlanders so you can read it HERE at its relocated addy.

The interesting thing about a drought is the impact it has on the environment around it. In the case of #Droughtlander…the impact largely falls on the fandom.


Us ABOotlanders are a hearty bunch.  During Droughtlander we get by on help from our neighbours. We share our resources.  This includes talking about the days of all the Outlander, reading about the Outlander and how plentiful and fantastic the Outlander days were. Yes…and how we know that one day the Outlander will return.  We find it immensely therapeutic.


Alas, there are the people who are crawling across the droughtlander fields gasping for breath, ridden with anxiety & depression because the Outlander hasn’t touched their lips for too long.  They can’t see the Outlander in the forecast & will do anything to make the oasis a reality in their everyday…except instead of embracing the good they are allowing the drought to blur their vision of the good it started as. Instead of remembering the things they love they are focusing on things like the bad taste the lack of Outlander has left in their mouth.


Droughts cause migration…migration of people to other things.  This is normal…when the Outlander comes back – so will the people and so will more.  Some people might not come back and that’s o.k.  Making their life with another fascination or love.  That has nothing to do with the drought itself but the way they chose to deal with it,their choice isn’t wrong. It is what is best for them.

You know droughts also cause wildfires? All you have to do is take a peek behind the curtain of this fandom to see that.  The small flames of discontent are there but unless individuals fan those flames they will never catch & become a disaster. When a spark comes your way, put it out.  How do you do that? Don’t respond.  Don’t blow on it, don’t give it the air it needs to grow. Yes, it is that simple.


Most droughts don’t have that surety of ending, ours does. Droughtlander never lasts forever but the things we say & do during the drought does.  If we seek out the cracks, we will fall through them.  If we seek out the light, we will feel the warmth.

Let’s do our very best to keep our faces to the sun. That means our heads are tipped back enjoying a bevvy. The true remedy for #Droughtlander.



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Shomi is going to show me! *insert groan here*

I am getting all geared up to talk about the first season of Outlander with some fellow ABOotlanders. This group is made up of some book fans, some show fans  & a few of us who love it all!

I will be doing a LiveFeed on the Shomi Summer Streaming Club FB page. Note the times shown are in EST so make sure you do your time conversion to see when we are airing in your time zone.

outlander (2)

This live feed is going to feature some talking points about the 1st season, answer some questions & I will be drawing for 2…count them, 2 shomi Streaming Party prize packs worth $500.00 each.  The winners will be chosen from the most active participants in the Outlander thread on the FB event discussions. There is still time to get your comments in & interact with the other viewers. #shomisummer is the hashtag for the event, make sure you use it in all your posts


Take a little time out of your day to spend it with me and take a wee peek! giphy5



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Sex & Intimacy. My version of O-Lander

Let me start with saying everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe our opinions are just that. Our perceptions. We all have them and they will all be different. I do not expect nor want everyone to agree with me, however, respect my right to say what I perceive…as I respect all of yours. 

One of the biggest discussions in the world of Outlander this season was the sex…or there lack of.  Many say “We didn’t see the love.”  “We were robbed of what makes Jamie & Claire…Jamie & Claire.”  “The love would never last 20 yrs if they don’t connect!”

Believe it or not, I have made a living talking about sex & intimacy in life & relationships. That is what I want to do now.  Class is in session.
Listen up!

Romantic relationships need TWO things to survive. Intimacy & Communication.  I didn’t say sex because sex is a product of these 2 categories.  Without intimacy, there likely will be no sex. Without communication, we likely won’t choose to have sex.

Let’s first keep in mind that Outlander the TV Show is that. The TV show, not a play by play of the book.  Conveying intimacy is something they can do in the show and it will turn out to have more meaning. The depth of talent that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have, means they are able to delve into that. Deeply.  Skin & sweating does not equal love & commitment. No matter how much we want to “see” it.

To reference being robbed, denied or missing something. These were never there in the first place.  What I mean by that is Outlander the TV Show has never existed before it did. 

But we read the books! Yes, I know, so did I…repeatedly.  This does not mean the TV show has been ‘built’.


These are both dogs. Definitely NOT the same thing.  Outlander, the show & the books. Like these two puppies right here.

If the argument is “They gave us all the sex in season one and took it away in season two.” I do see your point. I would like to reference that season 2 was a different relationship, a different set of circumstances and frankly, a different show with the same title. It wasn’t a bait & switch, it was an evolution. The evolution of a marriage. Those of us blessed  enough to have found a deep love have likely experienced something similar ourselves. Change happens & it’s not always comfortable.

Season 1 was an exploration of a building romantic relationship, which is undeniable more passionate. That, for visual purposes, should be seen to some degree.  Each sex scene in Season 1 had a purpose. The wedding. Each scene was given in stages.  First newness/awkwardness, passion/exploration & then falling in love.  The scene in which they were having sex away from the group, distraction. The scene in which they have sex after the spanking scene, is not only forgiveness but also ferocity. 

Season 2 was a marriage. The people in the marriage had been through a huge trauma. Jamie’s rape along with the fight to keep him alive was one that could have easily broken a marriage apart. In the start of the season we saw that.  Sure, it might have been nice to see a little skin here and there, however, it wouldn’t have made a lot of sense.

Those who are dealing with a physical trauma such as the one portrayed in the show, more often than not, lack the desire a) to perform b) have someone THAT close. No matter how much you love & trust them.  It isn’t about the partner, it is about the victim and their ability to process.  When a sexual assault happens, very often the victim is loathe to put themselves back in that vulnerable position … especially when they are still emotionally coping with the trauma.

The beautiful thing we love about the visual exploration of these books should be the writers ability to see that the human experience will need to over rule the labido.  

What we saw a GREAT deal of in season two was intimacy.  I am not referring to the fade to black or the scene in the blue room. I am referring to the looks, touches and conversations/arguments that took place.  It is in these moments that our characters become the lovers that can not bare to lose one another.


The ability to fight.  Jamie & Claire did that. Expressing anger can be quite a passionate act between partners.  It encourages us to say what is on our mind, it encourages us to not only say but show with emotion what our true feelings are.  An example is when Jamie was upset with Claire for working at L’Hôpital des Anges.  The argument was a conduit for deeper understanding which creates intimacy, which creates a deeper bond. Even when our partners say & do irrational things it causes us to think of the deeper issues. Disagreements tend to open lines of communication which in turn leads us to healthier relationships.

Another tragedy befalls Claire & Jamie.  It is the loss of a child.  Hurt, anger, pain -both physical & emotional will cause a rift in any relationship. What truly matters is the bridge back to one another and crossing it together. For when they do…it cements the relationship into something more permanent. Something that could span lifetimes.


Loss + Forgiveness + Love = Solid Love Lessons

There was a WHOLE LOTTA story to tell in 13 episodes.  We need to speak of the actors commitment to their characters.  Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan have said they will not do gratuitous love scenes for the sake of them.  They understand they are telling a story and that the scenes, whether sexual or violent in nature will not be over done.  That is something I am personally grateful for.   It is when shows start throwing in ass shots for the sake of ass shots that they lose credibility.  Honestly, we know that Claire & Jamie are having sex.  Like any other married/loving couple…but we don’t have to see them do it to know they are. It’s like bathing…we really don’t have to see the act, the flies aren’t gathering so we get it.

Conveying the depth of their relationship is more important to the story than sexytime.  


I would encourage folks to examine logistics of the end of the season as well.  Cold, hungry, weary and focused on changing the future.  Having sex for the sake of having sex isn’t exactly what any sane couple would do under the circumstances.  There is no doubt in my mind that they were, as their intimacy & connection showed greatly in those episodes, however, it was probably pretty un-sexy & the telling of that story was far more important.

The sex at the stones was much like the sex in the book. Fast…intense…and final. That kind of sex is never like a movie, its more like a punch in the stomach. Which I believe they captured perfectly.

I would love to end my view on the sexual world of Outlander. O-Lander if you please. Some of the most intense and intimate moments in books…don’t involve “sex” at all.   *cough* Get ready for the print shop folks. *cough* 

Too skip even further ahead to what I believe to be one of the most intimate scenes in all of Diana’s books…the final passage of  The Fiery Cross.

**Book Spoiler—if you haven’t read to this point in TFC, it is up to you to continue**

FYI-   Fun/Heartwarming Trivia —Diana Gabaldons husband is the one who uttered the final line of this particular passage. It is a testament of a well balanced marriage.  Translated to Claire & Jamie, we have watched the start of it & will continue to enjoy it.

“I sat down beside him, close, my hand on his leg, and his hand on mine. We sat thus for a bit, side by side, watching the rain clouds roll in over the river, like a threat of distant war.  And I thought that whether it was choice or no choice, it might be that it came to the same thing in the end.

   Jamie’s hand lay still on mine.  It tightened a little, and I glances at him, but his eyes were still fixed somewhere past the dooryard; past the mountains, and the distant clouds.  His grip tightened further, and I felt the edges of my ring press into my flesh.

   “When the day shall come, that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’–ye’ll ken it was because I dinna have time.”



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SHOMI the Outlander!

That’s right! We have just finished season 2 *insert sad face here* but I have a cure for your Droughtlander blues!

Shomi Canada has invited me to be your Outlander guide during a #shomisummer Streaming Club!

What in a Streaming Club you ask? It is like a book club but instead of reading, you watch. There are 6 shows being featured. Of course….ours…Outlander. UNREAL, Mozart in the Jungle, You’re the Worst, Mr. Robot, Catastrophe & The Americans.


There will be discussions on the Streaming Club Facebook Events Page. Where you can expect some laughter & thought provoking chatter. There will also be a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes.  All you have to do is comment on any of the discussions on the Facebook page using the #shomiSummer when participating and you could win the Ultimate Streaming Experience prize pack — worth over $2,000 including: Apple TV, Samsung 60” TV, Samsung Curved Sound Bar and one-year complimentary shomi subscription.

There are 2 hosting packages ( $500 value – Bose Mini Speaker, Chromecase, 6 month shomi subscription & décor) I will be giving away to a couple of lucky streamers.  Participate on the #Outlander discussions, the most active members will be entered for the chance to win.

  Here are the contest details.

This is going to be a great time, with great people & great TV!  Join us today!

outlander (2).jpg                                                                                  FB Event

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I’ve got a crush…Outlander SETS and the man who designs them…

Yep, Jon Gary Steele.  I am super crushing on him.  Why?

First…have you SEEN the sets on Outlander?  They have been perfection since the first episode of season one. Season two has blown my mind.

Second…those dimples!

See…Those DIMPLES.

Photo Credit: Jon Gary Steele on Twitter

I just want to crawl in them and take a wee nap!

Third…He is brilliant. THE Jon Gary Steele (and I always say all 3 names because, he is classy like that)

Be prepared. I am going to do some gushing about a few sets for season 2. Why? Because the recap market is stacked to the rooftops.  I want to celebrate what Outlander has given us. I want to  give credit where credit is due.

This is one example of how the sets on Outlander support the actors in their stories. 

Photo credit :

I often wonder how people like Jon Gary Steele sleep at night.  If this is the kind of thing they envision during their waking hours…what in the world does their brain do while resting?

The Paris Apartment, had so much detail. So much richness…it was like you were visually sinking into the most beautiful fabric ever found.

The story is made richer by the little things.

Photo Credit:

LOOK at THAT detail.  It takes me so long to just scan the Paris Apartment, the moldings, the BLUE velvet, the interior of the fireplace…I mean really. It is THE INSIDE of a fireplace…that Jon Gary Steele made it this elegant little niche a visual worth dissecting.

Master Raymond’s apothecary was one of my absolute favourites. I found myself pausing and scanning. Pausing and scanning.  I love how the molding was used in the shop. To my uneducated eye it was framing more treasures…everywhere.

I could play in this room for HOURS, I believe I have!

Photo Credit:

This apothecary makes me feel like I am in a world…inside of a world.

The Star Chamber.  As a HUGE Book fan. I had a hard time imaging the scale in which this set would need to come to life. You can view many images of the Star Chamber on Jon Gary Steeles website

I can not imagine this scene from the books being as powerful as it was; had Jon Gary Steele and his team did not have their hands in this production. The word perfection might get flung around willy-nilly but this absolutely WAS perfection.

Each of these characters took the lead of the Star Chamber. It was a living breathing character. The way the light danced through the dome to the flickering torches. Even the floor in which we see the Comte take his last breath…it enveloped him.

Photo credit:

Jon Gary Steele spoke with Variety about the sets. CLICK HERE to watch that video.

I especially enjoyed the sets in the Outlander finale episode this season. As we made our emotional way through the Rev.Wakefields home, sheds & dusty rooms. These places seemed so stale & untouched, yet filled with ghosts.

Culloden House, yes, we have seen in before, yet this time. I noticed the stark coldness permeating through those walls.


You know, I could very well feature each set, each design and all of the set decoration.  Jon Gary Steele has an incredible team to work with & I know that he knows how much the fans adore his talent and vision.

Me…I happen to LOVE his brain.  What ever it is that goes on in there, I would love to ride one of those waves one day. Watch him in action.  I devour interviews & videos to see if I can just grab a nugget of what it is that makes him tick but…I believe what he has, is that unique, that special…that mere mortals such as myself, won’t ever be able to grasp just what is going on in there.  I am utterly convinced that Mr.Steele has a Cerebral Cortex external pack as well as what he was blessed with at birth.


My husband often tells me “Sum up.” SO…in conclusion I need to thank Jon Gary Steele. Tell him that he has surrounded himself with greatness in the team he has.  I have always said that we are the product of those we share our days with…this product is an Emmy deserving, soul lifting group of people.


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ABOotlanders chat with Adrienne-Marie AKA Suzette, ladies maid.

I have developed a fascination with the supporting actors on Outlander this season. We have seen it time and time again.  The supporting cast giving performances that assist our main characters in capturing the moments we treasure and growing their characters.  Adrienne-Marie Zitt, who plays Suzette, THE ladies maid, certainly has done that. From her scenes with Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh to her dedication to her mistress, Claire, Caitriona Balfe.

It was her small but poignant moments in Season 2 that made me reach out to her agent & request some time.  Gratefully, she agreed to an email interview. Seeing how she is across the Atlantic, this made it super easy for us.

Here is our exchange, with of course some of my little goober moments that I so enjoy.

Me:Hello Adrienne-Marie, first I want to thank you for accepting this request to chat with fans such as myself. I very much enjoy following you on twitter, your passion for life and the heart you show is something I believe we all need to emulate.  Outlander may have exposed you to us but you are keeping us there.

A-M: That’s very kind, thank you!


Me:My motto for life is SPARKLE.  It means Show People Authentic Respect Kindness & Love Everyday.  Naturally that SPARKLE starts with ourselves.  It is a philosophy I thought you would understand& respect.

A-M:  Absolutely!


Let’s move into some deep thoughts, shall we?

Me: What is your philosophy on life?  What do you do to keep it with you?

A-M: It’s not far from yours actually. I am a big believer in authenticity wrapped in kindness and compassion. So it’s not so much about forcing oneself to be positive all the time, but more about learning to be with kindness with what is there in us, difficult feelings included. If we can be spacious and kind with ourselves in all our changing states and moods, we can more easily be that way with other people, which is the point of building a better world. It’s very Buddhist in a way. I guess I have strong Buddhist leanings 🙂  As for keeping it with me, I practice as much as I can! I find meditation very helpful as well as mindfulness practices. I keep myself inspired with retreats, workshops and books. I try to live by this as much as I can. And of course I make sure that at least some of my friends are much wiser than I am 😉



OH DEAR! I believe I have found a              kindred-spirit

Me: Most of the North American fans are seeing you for the first time, however I know your career did not start with Outlander.  Can you tell us how you started your career in acting and what it was that drew you to stepping into other worlds (such as a playwright)?

A-M: I started acting a good while back. My first professional steps were with a French company in my home town of Nantes, I was 20 then so…that’s a long time ago! I was interested in theatre and performing since childhood really- I used to write, direct and act in skits in the playground at recess, roping in a few friends (some willing, some maybe less so!). I enjoyed everything in the process: writing, rehearsing, casting and making people laugh especially. I loved singing as well. So when the theatre work started drying up in later years (as it inevitably does at times), I naturally turned my focus on one of my many other creative interests. With playwriting, I was lucky that a company I’d worked with as an actor (the excellent Vienna’s English Theatre) took a chance on me to adapt some French classics for school productions. It put me back in touch with the joy I’d felt writing plays as a child. Now I’m doing some research for an original script which will be written in English and am working on a children’s book. And I still sing 🙂


Ooooooh! A children’s book – that’s so exciting!                           Hope we get a peek!

Me: As the ABOotlanders are Canadians, I was very excited when I found out you had a Canadian connection.  Can you tell us what your time at the National Theatre School of Canada was like for you?  What is your take on Canadians (this is your opportunity to tell us how awesome we are *wink*)?  

A-M: Ah Canada… I really loved the country. It became my adoptive country, really, for 5 years. I felt at home there. I wanted to get citizenship eventually, but life and immigration laws decided otherwise (at least for now!). My experience at NTS…Hard to sum up in a few words, but I’ll try! Intense, profound, transformative, deeply challenging, inspirational. You’re working with people at the top of their game, and you’re baring your soul on a daily basis to a small group of people you get to know intimately over the course of three years. There are dark moments in that for sure- as the group dynamic fluctuates and evolves, and as you come across your own limitations, or your doubts and fears-but my memories of the whole experience and of the third year especially are precious. It’s a life experience not everyone gets to have, and it made me feel intensely alive for three years. I’d love to go back there at some point for an extended tour- to meet up with old classmates and rediscover the country. My take on Canadians? Quirky, chilled out, outdoorsy, open-hearted – so, yeah, awesome indeed! 😀


Me: You have had quite a lengthy and active career in theatre with Outlander being your first TV role.  Has your heart always been with the theatre, is it the medium of your choice? Would you consider doing more television roles?

A-M: I would love to do more TV, if only to get a sense of more familiarity with the medium. On Outlander, at least for the first few days of shooting, I was always in a mild state of terror… I didn’t know how anything worked, I really felt like the absolute newbie. I just hoped it didn’t show too much! The work involved is so different from stage work. It goes very fast, it’s very technical, and there are subtleties you need to grasp that don’t exist in theatre- for example,  adapting to a wide shot or a close-up. So I would love to gain more experience in it, to start feeling freer in it. It’s difficult to say which my favourite medium is, because my experience in theatre is so much more extensive. I love the rehearsal process in theatre, taking time to “unwrap” a scene, really getting to know your cast mates, exploring the text, the language… And the live experience after weeks of hard work, which can suddenly take the play to a whole new level. But you’ll probably need to ask me that question again after I’ve done a few more series 😉


I will ask you again…one day

Me: Naturally, many fans have an “idea” of what they believe the cast & crew of Outlander are like in real life.  I invite you to take a moment and say the first word that comes to mind when you think of the following people.  Duncan Lacroix, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Ron D Moore, Terry Dresbach, Jon Gary Steele, Romann B, Robbie McIntosh & lets top it off with your character Suzette.

A-M: Duncan: hilarious. Caitriona: soul of elegance. Sam: warm-hearted. Romann: adorable. Robbie: larger than life. I did not get a chance to really spend time with Ron, Terry or Jon but my first word would be- Ron: mighty. Terry: passionate. Jon: visionary.   And finally Suzette: bubbly 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

I have to say when Adrienne-Marie said “Soul of Elegance” for Caitriona…I kinda melted a lil.

Me: The chemistry you had with Duncan was so fun to watch.  We were at a place where we didn’t think any woman would have him but your character softened that exterior & made Murtagh even more lovable as a character.  What was your favourite scene with Suzette & Murtagh?

A-M: I loved all the scenes with Duncan; he made me laugh so much. I credit him for a lot of alleviating my nerves, especially on the first day (which was also his first day back- and when we both had to undress!) But I think my favourite was the one where Suzette helps Murtagh dress in his finery. Everyone was in a good mood that morning. I had to try and keep a straight face every time Duncan said “rue St Honore”, because half of the time he would just come out with something only vaguely French sounding – and then that would set Sam off as well. Then I’d miss a button somewhere on Murtagh’s waistcoat and have to start again. It was just great fun.


We can see where Duncan may have had fun with this. WE DID! 

Me: The scene in “Faith” when Claire returns home with the staff awaiting her was intensely sad yet heart warming.  What was the mood on set during that homecoming?  You certainly did reach to the depths, I sobbed right along with you.  I don’t know whether to thank you for that or not *smile*.

A-M: Ha thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment! That was an incredible scene to shoot. The atmosphere was so focused. Between takes, we would just each stay in our little bubbles; there was no chatting or dispersing the emotion. And at the same time, it only took looking at Caitriona slowly stepping out of the carriage to sense into that emotion. She looked so pale, so drained, so different from the “usual” Claire. It was easy in a way, to feel into the sadness Suzette would feel for the pain of the unusual mistress she’d become very fond of. I think everyone on set knew this would be a very powerful scene. I also remember Romann looking around, saying “everyone looks so sad!” – There obviously must have been something in the air 🙂


I can’t even. Still.  

Me: I really could ask you questions about you, your career and your experiences on Outlander all day  but I won’t because I want you to enjoy this so I will close with our ABOotlander must ask (This is strictly for giggles – not serious at all) –  If you were to come to Alberta Canada and someone offered you a) Moose Droppings b) Beaver Tails c) Prairie Oysters d) Taber Corn…which would you choose & why?

A-M: Beaver tails, because they sound like a witchy good luck charm 🙂


Great guess…I like your answer better than the real thing.  Only because I can’t eat them anymore. Derned gluten!

Me: Thank you so much for your time Adrienne-Marie.  Know if you EVER do come to Alberta, you have a host of friends willing to show you around. 

A-M: Thank you so much! 🙂

I don’t think we have frightened her away.  At least I don’t think so…she has this thing called life figured out.  Simply because of her outlook, I will continue to follow her career. Kindness is the way will continue to change this world.


Stay tuned for our next blogburst.  We are going to be focusing on a crush of mine.  His name is Jon Gary Steele and he has dimples like swimming pools!


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Outlander Episode 3 – Heartstones , amiright?

Still taking a detour from the blog bursts that look like recaps.  I feel there are enough ppl doing those now that, well, even doing it Canadian style with bacon isn’t different enough.

Episode 3 of Outlander was full of…Oooooh’s , awwwww’s & Snorts so I finger I will just talk about those with you.  Heartstones is something us ABOotlanders are not short of.  We are a bunch of sulks (I say that because I am…and I do not like being lonely).

Heart STONES are those things in your heart that when they are hit, they send you back in time, memories.  I believe that is why we are so connected to Outlander.  It isn’t just our own created memories but those Diana Gabaldon authored when we read the books for the first time.  How many times have we seen comments telling new readers how jealous we are because they get to experience that first time feeling?  Its a nostalgia we connect to from remembering our “first time”.  It really is a better “first time” than the other first time… that’s rarely enjoyable.


Aaaaanyway.  That’s how I now feel when I watch the show. It’s like a new read.  I recognize it, it’s familiar…yet it is different so I get a new thrill from it.  It’s not about if I like the changes, only that they exist and create new heart stones for me and my friends to travel through together.


Heartstones being created

The name of the episode is “Useful Occupations & Deceptions”.  We don’t have to reach to far to guess what this is all about so lets get right to it.

OOOOOH’s , AAAAAW’s N Snort’s of Episode 3… Our HeartStones…

Aaaaaw #1 -This came when Claire shoved Jamie’s wigman away so she could do up his vest instead.  I mean, that was a “Why are YOU doing this, I am sitting right here.” jealous wife move and I loved it.  You can’t blame a girl…husband out at brothels- oh wait…one brothel (but remember, its fancy…it’s got dildos), drinking his face off with the guys, coming in reeking of smoke n whores.  Yep, I would probably feel the need to exert ownership. You can tell the scheme of these moves is to show…she misses him.

Snort #1– The first laugh of the show for me was Jamie’s wee SAWNY going missing.  So what you are saying Jamie is…lostsnake

This could just be because my brain has a disorder. Its called ‘inthegutteria’. It’s catching. You might have it now. If not, you may not find me near as entertaining as I do.

Snort #2– Louise. Sweet Louise! She MADE the interaction with Mary & Claire go to another level of giggles.  Her SHOCK at the accusations Mary made about men and their things…was…snortworthy.1cohno

Ooooooh #1 – Claire realizing who the truck Mary Hawkins was! 1emaryhawkins

For our Frank lovers…they got another peekaboo at him and Claire finally put the puzzle of where she had heard the name before!  You could see she wasn’t particularly thrilled.  I heard a few people say “She didn’t seem to care when BJR was dead so Frank was before…but now she is all worried about him?!”  Let’s look at it this way – When Claire found out that BJR was dead, she was in the midst of taking care of Jamie, making sure he didn’t die.  Once she did that…it’s kinda late to be thinking about saving Frank.  Pragmatic is one way I would describe Claire, I can’t see her dwelling on something she knew she couldn’t change. HOWEVER, once there is something she thinks she can fix or change…ummm…dog with bone sound about right to us?

Oooh, Awww N Snort – 3 for the price of oneMurtagh getting some lovin! #Suzagh! Sounds like a great clan call…for tail.  There was a couple of things about Claire walking in on her ladies maid, Suzette (zee lov-a-lee Adrienne-Marie Zitt)  and her husbands Dudley do right-hand man.  1…Claires expression of shock. Now, was it shock that she caught them doin’ it? Was it shock that Murtagh was getting more action than her? Was it shock that Murtagh could be ungrumbly long enough for a woman to want to get jiggy with him?  I think it could have been any or all of those reasons.  2. The fact that she hasn’t got lucky in so long she didn’t recognize the sounds of two people gettin jiggy w’it.

The surprise coupling of the 2 characters gives Murtagh a lil more zip & brings the staff in the house to “human” mode., not just following picking up after everyone.  #Suzagh all the way!

Oooh #2 SNAP!  Claire done looses it on Murtagh because he reminded her that she isn’t getting any.  That face…says it all.snappy

After her poop ungroups, she tells him that BJR is alive & the deception duo is born.  For now – by the end of the show Murtagh has his kilt in a wad because she didn’t tell him.

Snort #4–  That Duverney dude is funny. Not just his wig either.  Telling Jamie while playing chest he was going “get him” and that he gave him permission to respect him less.  See in my world, those are are things I would say to Jamie too…maybe not playing chess…but playing- chest? See…I find things entertaining because I make them up in my head sometimes.


He has this way of wrapping scenes around his fingers…and getting wanna be Kings to kiss his fingers.  Knowing this guy, I sure as heck would NOT be putting my mouth around his digits…I see where he goes with those!

Oooh #4The Comte.  That is all. I need not say more.


I mean. Really. The Comte St.GermayIhavesomemore?

Awww #2– Master Raymond plays Ann Landers. Claire doesn’t really ask for advice but Raymond gives it.  Stop pouting about being bored lady and go do what you like doing. Lancing boils & sticking your fingers in puss n guts! Its nice to see someone looking out for her isn’t it?tumblr_mdvrqbfyca1ruaozy2

Snort #5 is a loooong giggle. “Claire goes to the Hospital”.  We could write a childrens book about this you know.  The look on Mother Hildegardes face when this “lady” came and said she wanted to use her medical knowledge and help. “Ummm, go dump a bedpan ‘lady’. See you never.”  Claire doubles up the back bone and not only empties bed pans but starts drinking them. That will show her!


Ok…she wasn’t drinking out of the bedpans…but she was taste testing them.  Which baboom…makes Momma Hilde take notice and decide “Hmmmm, if she likes urine, she’s gonna love it here…let’s keep her.”  And BOUTON! Well…yeah…somehow we all have fallen in love with the little hairball. It sure helps when you remember loving Bouton of the books. Its not about the dog they got so much as it is about that they got a Bouton!

The scene with the nasty puss filled groin splinter (ummm branch not splinter) was spot on. Freaking LOVED the moment Bouton showed his talents & at the same time helped Claire get in good with the big nun on campus.

Awww #4– #WeeFergus .  Like we didn’t get to meet enough awesomeness in this episode but then we get the lil bandit too. It was a smorgasbord of characters being brought to life. I had the constant “awwww head tippy” going on the whole fricken episode.


All these feels in the awww spot

I loved the introduction to Jamie…something we only got a  quick description in the book about how the wee gommrel came to be in their world.  This gave it the character development that the TV character deserved to have.


’tis a delight to meet you!

I loved how he called Jamie dirty names and tried to blackmail him and Jamie’s reaction…I wanted to squeeze both their cheeks! Throughout the episode Fergus (played by Romann Berrux) displays the all the charm of a small gentleman while being the brothelbabe he was.  “Hey, girls love it when I sing the praises of their corset fillers.”  It’s not hard to tell that like Fergus from the book – TV Fergus is going to have us all wrapped around his bitty doigt.

The best move Jamie had this episode? Hiring a pickpocket.


You did the right thing…for interesting reasons.

Awwww #5 – This awww is more of a “Awwww muffin!” awwww than an “Awwww so cute”  awww though.  Jamie was having a party and we were invited.  It was a pity party. Now why oh why wasn’t his wife home to greet him? Pout, sulk, grumble grumble and snark. Once folks showed up for his party he lashed out on them.  Jamie is kinda a bad event planner in that respect.  We came away with it being all about Jamie – if he is going to be a miserable sulk, then why shouldn’t he share that?  Because it sucks Jamie…it sucks.


Pity Parties are not as fun alone

We know why you’re a pouty pants, but we aren’t enjoying it.  You need a lil lovin…that will fix everything. As long as it is with your wife…those brothelbabes…not so much.

Snort #6–  You know Jamie was going to have to swallow his pride at some point. Watching him do it with Mama Hildegard was a good move. Her being a musical savant and all that.  Her view of her friend Bach was less than flattering though wasn’t it? Clever but no heart. Without him, they wouldn’t have figured out the code to the letters Fergus our boy was stealing though!


WhooHoo…so clever

All the emotions of episode 3 and we wrap it all up in a happy little ball of “relief, happiness, guilt & disappointment. Relief because they believe they figured out who was promising BPC money for this campaign. Happiness because Jamie was happy for a moment. Guilt by Claire because she STILL hasn’t told Jamie BJR is alive. Disappointment in Claire by Murtagh because she didn’t tell Jamie BJR is alive.


Perfect way to  tie that bow up and be ready for Episode 4.